BLS Invest Global Equities

The overall aim for BLS Invest Global Equities is to create attractive, long-term, and risk-adjusted returns, which, after all costs, are above the general market return on a three to five year horizon.

It is the strategy of BLS Invest Global Equities to invest in a concentrated, global equity portfolio of typically 25 to 30 listed companies from around the world. You can see the latest published list of our global companies here.

The selection of companies for the fund is based on an analysis and assessment of the companies’ long-term, risk-adjusted return potential. Investments in companies are not based on their weight in specific market indices, and the fund does not have a short-term benchmark.

The portfolio is most suitable for long-term investors as returns can be expected to differ from the market return – both positively and negatively.

Due to the focused strategy, BLS Capital monitors the potential capacity of assets under management. Additional capital will be limited for the total assets under management in order to not be a hindrance to following our investment philosophy.

BLS Invest Global Equities is listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S and is dividend paying. You have the option of signing up for automatic reinvestment of any dividends. The fund can be used for investments of free assets, pension funds, and business funds (A/S, ApS etc.). For tax-conditions, we advise you to contact your accountant.