In BLS Capital our focus is to provide thorough information to our co-investors and stakeholders.

Quality rather than quantity
However, we do focus on quality rather than quantity. We do not wish for our co-investors to be overwhelmed by weekly letters or daily updates about the trends in the stock market. We also do not want to spend money on expensive, glossy magazines. Instead, we want to be professional and thorough as we provide information about the companies in which we invest and about the returns that we generate.

This is why we prefer to spend time on producing high quality information rather than producing materials that include lots of pictures, complex graphs and empty calories.

We send out annual and interim letters to all our co-investors. Occasionally, we will provide viewpoints and comments available for our interested co-investors to either receive once or subscribe to. Additionally, we send out our book “Our companies” once a year (or per request), in which you can find descriptions of the portfolio companies in BLS Invest.

Furthermore, we emphasize personal communication, and we are always available for meetings with existing as well as potential co-investors.