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    BLS Capital manages two portfolios: Danish Equities and Global Equities. Both portfolios are founded on the same investment philosophy focusing on the generation of attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long term to our co-investors.

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    BLS Capital was established in 2008 and is owned by the two investment professionals, Peter Bundgaard and Anders Lund. The investment professionals are required to invest all of their investable assets in portfolios managed by BLS Capital.

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    It is important to us at BLS Capital to be open and accessible to our co-investors. We hope you will find our Annual Letter of interest and we are of course always available if you want to know more about us, our companies or our investment philosophy.

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    You can invest in our portfolios through the fund BLS Invest, which is advised by BLS Capital. The fund has three sub-funds; Danish Equities, Global Equities, and Global Equities Akk., all of which are publicly traded and have daily subscription and redemption.

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A company that eases suffering and improves the daily lives of people all over the world. And a company that is managed profitably and with focus. It feels good to be a co-owner of Coloplast.

Coloplast is a global market leader in medical products for ostomy and continence. The company also has a significant market position in wound and skin care. Since its IPO in 1983, Coloplast has enjoyed substantial growth and significant shareholder value. 2015 was an exception to the recent

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In a world full of information streams and access to data on smartphones, tablets and computers, it’s easy to forget that the world has not always been this way, and future generations will find it even more inconceivable.

Information has always been in demand, especially among investors in securities. And McGraw-Hill has supplied information to investors for over three centuries. 1849 was the year Henry Poor was appointed editor of the US magazine, The American Railroad. It was

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SimCorp supplies control systems to the financial world – and also has good control over its own money.

SimCorp’s products are software for controlling, monitoring, evaluating and accounting of securities portfolios by asset managers, banks, pension funds and other large institutional investors.

With 1,200 employees and sales companies in a dozen countries, the company is a global market leader in its industry. Over the past 10 years, SimCorp has created significant shareholder value as a result of strong sales growth and an increase

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A global transportation company that focuses on meeting its customers’ needs. Without owning any transport vehicles.

DSV is based on the ideas of cooperation and economies of scale. In 1976, Leif Tullberg convinced ten other carriers that this was the way forward. Since then, De Samvirkende Vognmænd (the Cooperating Truck Drivers), now just DSV – grew significantly through organic growth and targeted acquisitions. The DSV Group has become a global supplier of transport and logistics services and is

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Copenhagen Airports

Copenhagen Airports earn from everything that moves. And also from a lot of things that don’t move, such as sleeping hotel guests and parked cars. There’s a lot of money in that.

Despite concerns and low economic growth in Denmark, Copenhagen Airports enjoyed decent passenger growth in 2015.

Airport traffic in Copenhagen grew by almost 4 percent to 26.6 million passengers, so there has been a lively comings and goings – and that’s what it’s all about. This

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In Denmark, it has become commonplace for people not to carry cash. This has many advantages, and for us, as co-owners of payment card companies, there is also the fact that each transaction using a debit card adds to the earnings of the payment networks.

Although the proportion of consumers with debit cards in Denmark is among the highest in the world and Scandinavia as a whole, are the closest to being a cashless society, it is worth noting that the

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Novo Nordisk

The Nordic region’s most valuable company creates value by helping millions to live with diabetes.

Novo Nordisk has led the way in the treatment of diabetes since physiologist and Nobel laureate August Krogh and Dr Hans Christian Hagedorn founded Nordisk Insulin Laboratory in 1923.

Over the past decade, the company has taken over global leadership in the market for insulin for treating diabetes. In 2015, Novo Nordisk spent almost DKK 14 billion on research and development, which represents almost 13

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Ringkjøbing Landbobank

The banking sector is struggling with low growth and lack of growth in lending. But there is a bank in West Jutland, Denmark, which is operated like a solid grocery store.

2015 has seen only modest demand for loans, which has resulted in an intense competition for good, solid bank customers. The low interest rates are also putting pressure on the banks’ earnings.

Which is why the banking sector has seen a flurry of activities, including automation, standardization, branch closures and redundancies in a

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